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Geoff & Wendy have photographed over 300 Vermont Weddings together since 2000

Geoff McLoughlin

He is...

Artistic, techy, quirky and reserved. Always aware, envisioning the next candid moment, and how best to preserve it unobtrusively. During posed images, a playful upbeat persona helps create an enjoyable experience for all! Over 500 weddings and thousands of portraits photographed. Geoff is a lifelong Vermonter, and enjoys playing soccer and trail running.

Wendy McLoughlin

She is...

The sizzle, the icing on the cake, a maker of smiles. Happy and outgoing, she adds a feminine touch. She looks for the little details. As second shooter, she can cover another location, and is the perfect compliment to the other photographer. She offers a fresh unique approach for fun, unscripted candids. She has photographed over 300 weddings as a second shooter. Wendy is a lifelong Vermonter, and enjoys gardening and being outside.

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